About Hamptons Week

The Grand Finale of the World Tour

Welcome to the finale of the 2019 CBS World Tour! A week-long, unforgettable adventure filled with activities, events, parties, and memories. You don't want to miss out on the biggest and baddest leg of the World Tour. Chill on the beach or by the pool, enjoy days and nights out on the town, and explore all the East End has to offer - everything from Surf Lodge to vineyard tours (#RoséAllDay @ Wölffer Estate) to SoulCycle, and so much more. This will be an extraordinary way to meet your classmates and ring in the end of summer before orientation!

What to expect? With well over half your class in attendance, Hamptons Week is a fantastic way to get to know your fellow classmates before school. Moreover, it’s only an easy train ride away from Manhattan. During the day, you can expect to choose from a wide variety of activities: Flywheel classes, Barry’s Bootcamp, pool parties, paddle boarding, kayaking, wine tasting, art tours, and more. At night, there will be CBS parties and open bars planned at popular local bars. Get pumped to kick-off our CBS 2021 experience this summer!

When? - Block 1, Block 2, or Full Week

  • Ask anyone who’s been to CBS Hamptons Week, and they’ll tell you the Full Week option is the way to go! You’ll have twice as much time to get to know your classmates and twice as much beach time.

  • That said, we’ve split the week up into 2 additional blocks to accommodate varying schedules and budgets (people should choose the one that works best for them). Pricing varies by house and can be found on “#1_Houses and House Leader Overview” tab on HW'19 Housing Sign Up sheet

    • FULL WEEK: August 5-12 (7 nights)

    • BLOCK 1: August 5-9 (4 nights, lowest cost)

    • BLOCK 2: August 9-12 (3 nights)

  • Social activities will be similar across both blocks

  • One block isn’t ‘better’ than the other

Lodging? The housing committee will be organizing and booking houses for us to stay in, mostly in East Hampton and Amagansett, NY. There will also be hotel options that are released at a later date, but we recommend staying in a house as it is the most cost effective and best overall experience. Houses will be filled on a first come first serve basis, so please book early! If you’re ready to register and book your Housing Preference, see below for Housing Preference Registration details.

Ready to register

Step 1. Register via the link(s) below. Note that Hamptons Week is open to students and better halves


On the registration form, indicate if you want to be a “House Leader.” Each House we use for Hamptons Week will require a House Leader.

You will also be asked if you have a Facebook account and plan to use it regularly enough to check the Hamptons Week Facebook group for updates.

  • If you answer yes: you will receive an invite to the group shortly after registration. Once you are in the Facebook group, please look for further instructions with which to complete your housing request. The Facebook group will be the epicenter of all things Hamptons Week, with important information on booking hotel rooms, houses, signing-up for social events, ordering swag, and other important HW related announcements. Due to Facebook’s new treatment of Facebook group notifications, you must select “all notifications” in your settings or else you will only see “highlighted” notifications and you do not want to miss any key information! Please reach out to the core team at <> if you are having issues joining the group, or have not received an invite within several days of completing registration.

  • If you answer no: the core team will keep you up to date through a newsletter (sent via email), so you should check your email for further instructions with which to complete your housing request.  If you request to receive updates via the newsletter, please ensure that “” is an allowable email for your account so that nothing goes to the spam folder.

Step 2. Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions to sign up for a house.

DISCLAIMER: YOU ARE NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED FOR HAMPTONS WEEK UNTIL YOU HAVE SOLIDIFIED YOUR HOUSING ARRANGEMENTS WITH A HOUSE LEADER AND PAID IN FULL.** Thus, simply completing the Housing Preference Registration process below does not guarantee you a spot on the trip. There are subsequent steps that you will be instructed to follow.

**Please also note the following payment-related stipulations:

  • If at any point you do not submit a payment within the allotted time, your spot can be replaced with another interested participant from the trip who has submitted a timely payment.

  • All payments are your responsibility as a participant and will not be covered by any CBS World Tour Organizers.

  • No refunds.

Step 3. Request to join the private Hamptons Week Facebook Group so you can stay in the loop on everything we’re planning to make the week truly unforgettable! Get ready for the best part of your summer!

Want to get involved? Become a House Leader!

We are looking for 10-20 individuals to be House Leaders. As a House Leader, you will get the opportunity to choose your house, book it, and become close with the people who fill it! House Leaders handle all payments, leasing, lodging requests, and more (see registration page and Facebook group for more information). The Housing Committee will guide you through the process and help you fill your house, or you are welcome to fill it on your own - there is always plenty of demand, so filling your house will not be a challenge. Why be a House Leader?

  • Get to know your fellow classmates

  • Pick the house you want in the Hamptons

  • Leadership, great resume booster

While it is a significant amount of responsibility, your fellow classmates will be eternally grateful for your contribution! Please fill out the Become a House Leader interested in applying to be a House Leader.


Per Person Budget Estimator - 2019 Hamptons Week


Housing Fee

Swag Estimate



Social Events


Block 1 (Midweek - 4 Nights)







Block 2 (Ext. Weekend - 3 Nights)







Block 3 (Full Week)







*Budget Disclaimer:  Budget projections will be finalized as houses are secured and social events are planned. The projections in the table above are based on last year’s spend and research by the core team.  All projections are subject to change based on actual cost and individual event participation. Also, please note that the total above excludes a nominal admin fee that will be included in the housing payment. Reach out to with questions.

(a) Projection for Housing Fee covers rent, housekeeping, insurance/security deposit/damages fund, and any related fees or taxes. .

(b) Projection for Swag Estimate is subject to change based on amount of swag items an attendee purchases.

(c) Projection for Food/Groceries/Drinks/Misc will cover the cost of basic groceries, booze, and any other discretionary items as determined by the house leader; each house will determine the amount each person will contribute for house-shared items for the week.

(d) Projection for Transportation is for basic (train or bus) transportation to/from Hamptons and for taxis while at the Hamptons.  Depending on where your house is located, transportation costs related to taxis can exceed projections.

(e) Social Base Fee will be collected upfront by the core team to cover reservation deposits and other event fees that need to be provided in advance to venues for activities for the whole Hamptons Week crew.

(f) Projected Social Costs (i.e., costs associated with events and activities) are entirely subject to change based on participation, as all events and activities will be a la carte and first come, first serve. Tickets will be sold closer to the time.  

(g) Total estimated cost excludes cost of personal meals, other personal expenses, etc.

Social events?

The social events calendar can be found here.

  Monday, August 5 Tuesday, August 6 Wednesday, August 7 Thursday, August 8 Friday, August 9 Saturday, August 10 Sunday, August 11 Monday, August 12
Morning Arrivals
East Hampton
New York Pilates
Barry's Bootcamp
East Hampton
East Hampton
Yoga LILA - SUP Yoga
    $42 $37 $40 $42 $28 $25  
    Time TBD Time TBD Time TBD Time TBD Time TBD Time TBD  
    Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon)  
Second Option TBD
Second Option TBD
Second Option TBD
Second Option TBD
Second Option TBD
Second Option TBD
Afternoon Settle In Montauk Brewing Company
Tour + 1 Hr Open Bar
Sloppy Tuna CBS Beach Volleyball Tournament! Wolffer Wine Stand CBS Pool Party! Navy Beach Departure
    $30 per person Informal Event - pay as you go Free / BYOB Informal Event - pay as you go Free / BYOB Informal Event - pay as you go  
    1:30pm-3:30pm 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM  
    Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Location to be released soon Sign Up Link (coming soon)  
Night Stephen's Talkhouse
Drinks & Live Music
Sunset Rooftop Cocktails
Solé East
Private Garden Open Bar
Surf Lodge
Open Bar
Memory Motel
Private Area / Open Bar
Private Area / Bottle Service
Grey Lady
Private Area / Open Bar
  No Cover and No Line - pay as you go $78 open bar $65 open bar $72 open bar $70 open bar $90 open bar $65 open bar  
  9pm - 12pm
(w/ ability to stay afterwards)
6:30pm - 8:30pm
(w/ ability to stay afterwards)
8pm - 10pm
(w/ ability to stay afterwards)
9pm - 11pm
(w/ ability to stay afterwards)
9pm - 11pm
(w/ ability to stay afterwards)
8pm - 10:30pm
(w/ ability to stay at bar afterwards)
8pm - 10pm
(w/ ability to stay afterwards)
  Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon) Sign Up Link (coming soon)  

Please note that activities such as those above will be on a “pay as you go” basis; tickets will be sold at a later date for the specific events/activities you wish to attend.

Participation in these activities is completely optional and at the discretion of what you would like to include in your Hamptons Week experience.

There will also be organized activities/events at the beach and houses for little to no cost, including volleyball / racquetball tournaments, beach dance parties and just chilling at the beach/pool with future classmates.  

When to sign up?

Sign up now! These events will sell out in in advance. If your SO is coming to HW, please either purchase for them (and note this in the transaction) or have them purchase directly.

How does event pricing work?

We understand the total price can look like a lot, but this is the least you will likely pay for a night out with a couple drinks in the Hamptons. Due to CBS’s strong relationship with these venues from past Hamptons Weeks, they have been generous on logistics and pricing. For reference for those not living in NYC, many of these venues, especially the weekend spots, are the most popular bars in the Hamptons, have large cover charges, high drink prices, and very long lines. The managers worked with us extensively to reach reasonable prices for our group - here's the math:

-Range of prices, depending on venue, to skip line, reserve part or all of the bar, and cover-charge: $20-30 per person

-Range of prices per drink, depending on venue (with tax/service charge): $15-20 per drink with estimate of three drinks per person (we recognize some folks will have less and some folks will have more but price per person for the ticket assumes an average of three)

-Range of event prices: $65-90


Payment Terms/Refunds?

  • No refunds

  • Should someone find a substitute, that person can pay the person bailing directly. Any substitutes must be confirmed by House Leaders.

Better Halves?

  • Better Halves are more than welcome

  • To reserve a bed for you and your better half one will need to

    • 1) pay for two slots in the same house

    • 2) confirm with the house leader that you and your partner will fully occupy a 2-slot bed (king or queen)

  • If your better half is staying for a shorter amount of time than you (i.e. you stay the Full Week and your Better Half stays Block 1 or Block 2), please make this clear to the house leader so they know to reserve your slots accordingly


  • Because Hamptons Week, like the rest of World Tour, is designed specifically to serve as a bonding experience for our year, housing slots will be limited to members of the CBS Class of 2019 and Better Halves

Other Accommodations?

If you are making your own housing arrangements separately from a CBS house (I.e. Staying with family or friends), you are still welcome to join in all the social events! Make sure you have registered on the Hamptons Week Website and requested to join the HamptonsWeek FB page to stay in the loop on events.

Info on Hotel Options coming soon. Please note: Hotel Options are generally more expensive per night per person. It is also a different experience staying in a hotel versus a house.

Meet The Hamptons Week Central Committee!