Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go on every trip?

Not at all, if you’d like to attend every trip you’re more than welcome to - although of course this would be expensive.

What if I have other travel plans that overlap with a trip?

You can participate as you desire! These trips are about experiencing these countries with our fellow students hosting their classmates.

Do I have to do everything on the itinerary?

Nope! You can pick and choose which events to attend.

Who’s organizing the trips?

The CBS World Tour is a student-run event that occurs each year to welcome in the incoming CBS MBA class. The World Tour is an amazing way to connect with your fellow students and spend time with each other before classes begin!

What is the deposit?

For some trips, after you have expressed your interest and signed up, a trip leader may reach out to you to secure a deposit payment before the trip begins. The trip leader will explain what this deposit will be going towards (events, flights within the country, group packages). If you opt out of certain events, please be sure to communicate that with the trip leader so that they can factor that in to your deposit payment.

Are Hamptons Week and Yacht Week part of the World Tour?

Yes! Yacht Week ends the European portion of the World Tour and Hamptons Week is our grand finale!

Are these trips for incoming students only?

Better Halves are welcome too!